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QBColor Function

Returns an Integer value representing the RGB color code corresponding to the specified color number.



Required. A whole number in the range 0–15.


The color argument has these settings:

Number Color Number Color
0 Black 8 Gray
1 Blue 9 Light blue
2 Green 10 Light green
3 Cyan 11 Light cyan
4 Red 12 Light red
5 Magenta 13 Light magenta
6 Yellow 14 Light yellow
7 White 15 Bright white


Exception type Error number Condition
ArgumentException 5 Color is outside of range 0 to 15, inclusive.


Starting with the least-significant byte, the returned value specifies the red, green, and blue values used to set the appropriate color in the RGB system used by the Visual Basic language.


This example uses the QBColor function to change to the color indicated by colorInteger. QBColor accepts integer values between 0 and 15.

Dim colorInteger As Integer
' Use 4 for red.
colorInteger = QBColor(4)

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